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Cannabis & Psychedelics

We understand the importance of staying up-to-date on industry trends and market changes. That's why we offer our clients the opportunity to sign up for cannabis & psychedelics industry updates. Our team of experts will keep you informed with the latest news and insights so that you can make informed decisions.


Size Analysis: In this quarter, we observed a total of 134 transactions, amounting to a combined value of $2.6 billion. Specifically, 119 of these transactions, totaling $2.4 billion, were related to the cannabis industry, while the remaining 15 transactions accounted for $120 million and were associated with the psychedelic sector. We observed a slight decline in the number of transactions compared to the previous quarter.

Public Market Dynamics: The cannabis and psychedelics sector exhibited a reported underperformance of -46.9% when compared to the SPY Index. Despite the SPY Index categorizing the industry as underperforming, it's important to note that it did experience an upswing of 3.12% when compared to the preceding quarter. This suggests that while the sector may be currently lagging behind the broader market, there are signs of improvement and growth in recent performance.

Transaction Trends: During this period, there were a combined total of 134 transactions, comprising 31 mergers and acquisitions (M&As), 49 private placements, and 49 public offers. The cumulative value of these transactions amounted to $2.55 Billion, a significant decrease compared to the last quarter.

Dispersion Insights: Similar to past quarters, North America continues to be the primary geographic region where most transactions have taken place. Out of the total of 31 M&A transactions observed, 26 occurred in North America, 1 in Europe, 0 in Latin America, 3 in Asia, 1 in Oceania, and 0 in Africa. This geographic distribution of transactions provides insights into the regional prominence of these business activities.


We screened CapitalIQ using its industry classification and Business Description. The transactions were filtered by accounted date within the last 3 years. Companies were filtered by having a public company type. The main industry selected was "Healthcare". The keywords "dispensar*", "cannabi*", "marijuana", "hemp" and "psychedeli*" were used to screen the database. Since this niche industry is recent and doesn't have its own categories/sectors on CapitalIQ, Spaulding Financial LLC developed its own code to determine our categories and sectors, based on hundreds of criteria. Contact us for more information.


This research report is for informational and discussion purposes only. Information presented here is not investment advice of any kind to any person and does not constitute a recommendation as to the purchase or sale of any interests or as to any other course of action. General, financial, and statistical information concerning the details of this report and related industry are from sources Spaulding Financial believes to be reliable.

Spaulding Financial has accurately reflected such information in this research report; however, Spaulding Financial makes no representation as to the sources’ accuracy or completeness and has accepted this information without further verification. Neither all nor any part of the content of this report may be conveyed to the public through advertising, public relations, news, sales, mail, direct transmittal, or other media without the prior written consent of Spaulding Financial. Spaulding Financial ’s research is as of the date reported herein.

Spaulding Financial has no affiliation with any of the companies comprising the industry used as a basis for research in this report, nor does Spaulding Financial hold any investments in the companies listed herein. The content of this report may be used, in part, as a basis for any work that Spaulding Financial performs for you in the future at the sole discretion of Spaulding Financial. All data is from Capital IQ database.

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